Praveen Sonakiya


Praveen is a technology entrepreneur and investor with 20+ year experience, heading strategic investment and
business development globally, promoting technology
start-ups in the field of Li-on battery, digital payment
artificial intelligence, big data and GIS platform, innovative construction materials, circular economy, real estate
investment and consulting (logistics, residential, hospitality) and healthcare.

Bohuslav Škoda

Chief Technology Officer

Bohuslav is the man behind this new technology (combination of
aquaponics and hydroponics).
For more than a decade he has been designing aquaponic and
hydroponic farms for the company. He is engaged in development and research of aquaponics, the design and construction of aquaponic
farms, the development of reservoirs, growing systems and grow lights.
He is also in charge of training, workshops and specialises in Asian clients. He leads the team to implement the world’s largest aquaponic farm in China (Xiamen).
He has 20-year experience in fish farming and 8-year experience in aquaponics.

Jiří Škoda


Jiří is a man of innovations and full of ideas. He worked as a marketing manager, logistics coordinator, team leader and manufacturing team leader in several multinational companies (Esprit, Whiskas, Pedigree, ŠKODA Auto, …)
Since 2009 he has been working as a co-leader at Farm For All, primarily responsible for managing marketing activities.
Jiří is leading marketing product management and supply chain.


Augast Nayak

Director, Marketing

Augast will be responsible for  business development related to payment platform, software development for our supply chain and will take care of digital marketing for our agricultural projects. He will also participate in customer engagement and revenue generation for our agricultural projects for the whole India. He has more than 8-year experience serving clients globally.

Ranvir Singh


Ranvir is a veteran of the tourism industry and excellent in service management. He always looks for new ideas and enjoys working with the team.
He will head our pilot farm at Khajuraho and will be the key person responsible for taking care of the day-to-day operations and co-ordinate with supply chain, logistics and business development executives.